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Liwa Marathon Stage 1

Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2019 4:52 pm
by desertwrangler
A belated report for the Newbies +5 trip in Liwa!

Having driven through the night I arrived at camp to a beautiful morning and coffee on the fire! Thank you @Shamsi for the gracious use of a spare camping chair.

Breakfast done we set off for approx. 80km trail through the day, with @Booy leading. The sand was fairly firm in the morning and initially the going was pretty easy. In fact even us Wranglers didn’t need to refuel on the sand with the smooth conditions!

Overall we managed to keep safe distance and ensure that the radio calls “clear” were consistently given with a few prompts from the Marshalls!

Around lunch time we saw a huge heard of Gazelles near an Oasis!

After lunch and as the temperatures rose the sand began to soften, leading to a few more second goes than the morning half and a couple of pop-outs.

As always the quick acting help of Marshalls and Intermediates got us up and running again to complete the drive by 5pm.

Thank you to everyone for a great experience and a safe drive.

See you all soon.

Re: Liwa Marathon Stage 1

Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2019 5:30 pm
by Scorpio
Hello Everyone,

This is one of those Liwa camp which is relatively closer to the road and is actually possible to reach there easily without deflating. We had a good company at the camp with nice cool weather. I went to sleep early at around 11pm and after a good night sleep I woke up fresh in the morning.

We had the morning briefing by @Booy who briefed us about the drive plan. He was to lead the convoy and @Youssef.Abdelhady was sweeping. It was a VIP convoy as there were many floating marshals; @alshamsi_m, @Rashidjass, @Daggerfall, @Barish and myself thumbsup .

Unfortunately, @Sorin had some issue with his vehicle early morning wtfsmilie before the drive started and he and his passenger became passengers of Bu Salem and Rashidjass. We had a very interesting drive and Booy took us to some great dunes of Liwa in love . The convoy did very well and except for some breaks in between due to second tries and stucks, the general flow was nice. Around 1pm we stopped for lunch and enjoyed a small break in front of a tempting dune wall. After the lunch, the drive continued and we enjoyed more of liwa fun. Booy kept the drive interesting and threw different type of challenges to the convoy which I am sure had contributed to a great learning experience for all.

The drive ended as planned on time near hameem and the wonderful day came to an end.
I had to leave back home so I started my journey back to Dubai while Bu Salem, Booy, Baris and @Johanna went for the camp to get ready for next day drive.

Thank you all for your beautiful company. Hope to see you soon in the sand..


Re: Liwa Marathon Stage 1

Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2019 6:22 pm
by desertwrangler

Some of the action can be viewed below...

Re: Liwa Marathon Stage 1

Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 5:34 pm
by santhoshksl was that day which i was waiting for since the Liwa marathon was announced...made myself and my jeep ready to ensure everything is in proper condition (including the driver!!). myself and vijay started at 3:30 morning - met each other at the Emarat petrol station, located before the Dubai parks and resort... started driving..was getting excited on one side and was allowing the chilling cold air to come in and take into the lungs...although we took couple of stops in between, we reached at 7:20 at the meeting spot and we were able to see tents from a far distant.. we welcomed each other and had a delicious breakfast...started around 8:30, the convoy was lead by Booy..Booy is indeed a great marshal who understands the convoys capacity and adjusts his speed and dunes.. it was really amazing and had loads of fun especially on the lengthy drops...I cant miss out a big salam to Al shamsi who was always keeping a laser eye on the convoy and guiding..thanks to all..Rashid ass, Scorpio, barish, dagger fall, agalon, johanna and many more....
we finished the drive at 5:30 and headed back to dubai...interestingly there were few more almosters who joined with us to reach dubai..Germin, Sophie.sorry if i have miss spelled their names..we took couple of relaxing breaks in between and had to really discuss the drive..bcoz that was only thing which we can discuss and nothing else..reached home safely at 10:00pm

Re: Liwa Marathon Stage 1

Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2019 2:33 pm
by Barish
Second visit to Liwa this season; this time to the other side of the Liwa triangle. You never get bored to visit Liwa, each time different things are explored.

We reached the camping spot late in the midnight as usual since driving to Liwa is itself part of the exploration trip. Weather was amazing and fire was provoking to sit the whole night.

Liwa drives are always surprising irrispective of the level. Arches every time challenging than before , drops every time higher than before. The day ended but there was still the night in Liwa and the whole second day..

Thanks to @Booy for the whole day lead and the amazing track that entertained all of us as all levels.

The day ended but the surprises did not yet; thanks to @alshamsi_m for the beautiful gift which reminded me and my wife @LastRose our cold days of village life. A warm and memorable gift😘

Let the second day in Liwa start..!

Liwa will not allow the change without any improvement.


Re: Liwa Marathon Stage 1

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 8:18 pm
by alshamsi_m
Hello Everyone

First day of the long Liwa Marathons weekend with @Booy leading the first day and the rest of marshals are having fun at the back , Sorry I had to snitch you out grin

We had a fast pack and our leading marshal did every well to drive the whole area with planned time and get us out on time thumbsup .

This area is one of the best areas in Liwa where you can have a relaxed drive but still one of the most beautiful areas out there in love . As I said it was a DAY OFF day for all the marshals to just drive and play.

We had great time and I'm sure that you all enjoyed too, it was petty that this drive was designed for TWO convoys but only a small group showed up.

Trust me, Liwa drives are not like anything you see around us in the nearby areas.

You have to see it , to believe it
yaeh am not durnk

Till next time , stay safe

Re: Liwa Marathon Stage 1

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 3:41 pm
by Booy
Thank you everyone for the trip reports - it is good to read them and reflect back on this amazing weekend in Liwa.

We had a very ambitious plan to stay in Liwa for 3 full days over the National holidays, and it was executed perfectly due to all the support from founder, Marshals, Adv and Int drivers, and off course every member who joined to make this a memorable weekend.

As was said before, every day we drove the full day, said goodbye to the group at the end of the day, and welcomed a new group for the next day. It was good to say goodbye to exhausted yet satisfied members at the end of the day, and say hello again to members, fresh and full of energy, ready for the next day's adventures.

Liwa is truly a spectacular place, one that cannot be described in words or even pictures.

If ever you get an opportunity to join us in Liwa, jump in and grab your seat - you have to experience this amazing place.

Hope to be back in Liwa soon for more adventure, and maybe another marathon weekend.

Until Friday, stay safe.