Liwa Marathon Stage 2

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Dear Almosters,

driving in this area of Liwa is a dream that came true. I had couple of other drives in Liwa with Almost4x4 before but never in this area. The reason for the dream is that I had seen this same area before during a stay in a Resort and I remember I was dying watching such big dunes with no chance to play with them. @alshamsi_m and @Booy made my dream come true and this was a day I'll never forget

I reached Moreeb Dune at 5pm on Friday. I reached to the camp site but I was alone and I decided to go back to Moreeb area and wait for someone else. After some time @SameRaptoRed arrived and we spent good time chatting. When @Booy , @Johanna and @ivantorrellas joined we moved all together to the camp site.

After a few minutes @alshamsi_m and @Barish reached the camp as well

@SameRaptoRed prepared the BBQ for everybody. He did everything starting from the raw material and the taste was literally amazing. During the cooking time I kept the group warm chowing by serving some pizza grin

We had a lot of laughs sitting around the campfire. @alshamsi_m was planning to go sleep at around 10pm but he managed to stay much longer due to the fun we were having. Also a desert mouse joined us for the food and the fun wtfsmilie

When it was time to retire, I found a nice spot and I slept in the car to stay insulated from the noise coming from the supercharged engines screaming and climbing Mureeb Dune all night long. I woke up at 6am, I walked away from my car for few hundred meters and I spent 1hr time sat alone enjoying calm and silence while the sun was rising. That 1hr spent alone put me back into the World in love

The drive was amazing. We started at 9am, ended at 5pm and totaled 84Km of absolute breath taking sceneries. Sand was hard therefore we did bigger climbs, wider arcs and steep drops. Ground was not easy as full of ditches and also the small dunes were tricky as the hard sand transformed them into steps. It was very easy to badly hit the front of the car. @alshamsi_m had to take many risks to lead the convoy. I can still remember the many "oh shit" moments he faced and resolved to make our drive smooth. It was fun to hear his voice at the radio laughing during the most crazy passages Psmiley and giving instrucions to our 2nd leader @Mabubaker to stay far from danger

All the drivers did very well and we had just one stuck and one pop-out. I think everybody naturally increased the level of focus due to the challenges of the area

At 5pm sun was setting behind the big dunes of Liwa and we closed our drive with all the memories words can hardly explain

Thank you @alshamsi_m, @Booy and all the Amost4x4 Family as you all made this possible

Looking forward to repeat such an experience with you all
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@Loca did an amazing job describing the day❤️
The Moreeb Dunes were something else. Hard on top, moisture just beneath. The hardness of the sand made for both a comfortable camping experience as well as easier high climbing on the drive itself👍🏼 beautiful climbs, slopes, a cone or two and looooong drops kept me dreaming about this place👍🏼
@alshamsi_m did a fabulous job navigating the terrain and finding the right challenges for us. @Booy was his perfect mate as overseer, sweeper, and rescuer - always calm with perfect guidance during rescues. The icing on the cake was the beautiful dance between @Barish and @Booy as they both descended the Ghost Town Drop.
Thank you @alshamsi_m for the surprise bonus drive to Ghost Town Drop ❤️
so much fun
Join me drawing in the sand
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A wise man once said “ You haven’t seen the desert until you have seen Liwa” in love
These words ring in my ears whenever a Liwa trip opens up & I eagerly await to grab that coveted spot!
This was my 4th drive to Liwa & the most spectacular one by far.

I arrived at camp around 0030hrs to meet @Mabubaker
setting up tent.
Since it was already late we decided to call it a night & I found myself a nice spot on the East.
While the drive was one of the most amazing & breath-taking drives I have been to , I didn’t really enjoy a good uninterrupted night sleep due to the constant screaming of engines firing into the silence of the night to only die down around 4 am.
I set up tent & took solace in the stars instead and found myself a few good hours of sleep until it was time to kick off the drive.

Once awakened by daylight , all tiredness & fatigue were driven away by the beautiful scenery & Massive dunes amongst which we had camped.
@fj.cing & myself couldn’t imagine we`d descended these dunes under the cover of darkness the night before, they were massive! O_O

The drive was nothing short of amazing & the track was intertwined with sporadic wet patches of sand that would make the car dance - we had some breakdance moments especially on the slopes.
I’m guessing this was the soft sand of Liwa that had transformed into a new form, the sand would break on the crust & be absolutely wet underneath.

We had a decent sized convoy which ensured good flow under the watchful eyes of @Booy & @Barish who time travelled & made certain that we did the challenges safely & changed the track when it was too torn up.

Thank you for also connecting us back whenever we got lost , giving us a chance not to miss out on those amazing arches ! grin

@alshamsi_m showed us another beautiful side of the Liwa desert with a superb track with challenging climbs, twists and turns & after every big drop the scenery was even more amazing than before!

Like every trip to Liwa , it’s a test of Endurance of the car & more of the driver.

You need to stay 100% focussed at all times and expect the unexpected!

Hats off to all of you who did 3 straight days! meta knight

Thanks @alshamsi_m ,@Booy ,@Barish , @Loca , @Mabubaker & @Johanna for the amazing trip & support . thumbsup

As always , hungry for more grin
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Here is the second day starts inside the Liwa triangle at one of our most famous camping spots ever. The Liwa balcony..!

Amazing barbeque from @SameRaptoRed that put our lost energy back and thanks to my Jeep for thr good sleep under Liwa stars.. cool

You see just dunes, dunes and dunes. All over around you is yellow and you feel yourself in an infinity. You drive, drive and again want to drive and wish that it never ends..

Our newbie drivers were obviously having the passion and excitement of being in Liwa and they responded very well as Liwa offered and @alshamsi_m asked more through unlimited opportunities.

We ended the trip in ghost town with our famous grand finale at the big drop, which you can see a road the first time the whole day which also tells you that unfortunately all good things must come to an end..Inflated and drive back to Mezaira (Liwa town).

Me and my wife @LastRose spent more than an hour in Mezaira (Liwa town) patrol station without a reason..i think we did not want to leave back to Dubai😀

Dont forget; Liwa will not allow the change without any improvement.

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Hi everyone

The gathering was amazing around the fire but I had to say no to the delicious food was BBQed by @SameRaptoRed to be able to sleep early. Unfortunately, the noise was too loud from Moreeb challengers but thanks God they went to sleep.

Since I had a bad hit in the early Liwa Marathon 1 my entrance to the car was either from the passenger door or like circuit racers " getting in/out from the window " thumbsup

We had a great drive to the Ghost Town in Liwa with some nice bowls and drops . It was really interesting to see that we did a similar track in the same area but for ADVANCE level . This shows what Liwa can offer in just one dune in love .

Time flys so fast and it was 4:45 pm already where we finished our drive safely to say goodbye to the newbies and prepare for intermediates.

Till next time, stay safe

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