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Hi Everybody,

I have been to desert several times before as a passenger but should admit that being a driver is a completely a different experience becoz you see a complete different desert in front of you while driving.

It was my first time as a driver and my first time driving a modified offroad car and i have been thanked by my passenger that i have not made him motion sick grin

I would like to thank to Almost4x4 for the briefing and also would like to say happy birthday once more to @alshamsi_m, all Marshalls, Explorers and Support team for the event and drive.

See you next time.

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Dear old and new Almosters, particularly the new grin

Club Member drives are always an event because of ...

1. the number of people, including Families, children, dogs, ...

2. the engagement you can feel in the air when "the Briefing" is delivered

3. the excitement you can read in the eyes of our new members the first time we stop for a break after the first minutes driving in the sand

4. the motivation at the end of the drive when sharing the tools and

5. the commitment from our Marshalls who stay till long in the dark to check tools, answer questions, provide advises

This CM was also blessed by @alshamsi_m BirthDay and the associated celebration with cakes cut

I really want to mention the amazing work done by @Barish delivering "the Briefing" to our new members. He spoke professionally and passional for more than 1 hour and kept an audience of 50 plus people focussed and engaged. Believe me this is not something you can do in a night: it requires a lot of time preparing the spec and testing the effectiveness. I know @Barish worked hard to deliver such a great experience. Kudos !! thumbsup

I was 2nd lead in @presa convoy and I really appreciated the dive he delivered on clean sand, staying far from spots marked by existing tracks. It's fascinating how every drive, including CM, is a learning experience also after 3+ years of drives. This time I appreciated @presa calm and smooth way of communication even in difficult situations that can turn very bad if the wrong action is taken.

Also staying calm with some silly guys who wanted to have fun by crossing our lines during a drop was not easy ... omg omg

Worth to mention that our new members did drive very well and reached to the end point excited and happy.

I hope to see many of them on the first drive as "Newbies" next Friday thumbsup
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I always wanted to join Almost 4x4 based on my friends recommendations and for 2 and half months I waited for the CM drive and actually it was worse waiting for, the group is versatile with lots of passion which I really liked, it think that most of us newbies talked about other nice things we encountered during our ride but what I would like to emphasize on is the organization, I have been out with lots of groups and your organization is outstanding (not to diminish other groups efforts but you really stand out), marshals and support team were very professional and prepared and what I noticed is that they just appear on top of the dune in a perfect spot to overview the convoy without anyone noticing as if they read the dunes like the back of their hand, it was a very safe and enjoyable ride, I appreciated the effort behind the scene to reach this level, thank you very much.
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Well a big thank you to all those souls who put their efforts, planning and weekend sacrifices just to make this day a memorable event in everyones life.

Thank you presa for making me part of your convoy, it was very relaxing drive considering the fact i had an intense drive with another club in the morning.

Thank you rashidjass for taking the time to view my equipment in order to qualify me for future newbie drives within the club.

Thanks to the rest of the crew for serving cake and coffee as I literally skipped bfast and lunch due to time shortages for the weekend drives. That honey cake was tasty.

Also nice to meet you mahmood yasin in this club as we have been driving together in the other club.

I posted a note in the merchandise forum to get my tees. Hope to receive them as soon as possible.

Finally, i look forward to driving with my new family in my new club status. Heard a lot of this club through fellow drivers & acquaintances that i finally made through the initiation. Hope to advance through other tiers with my experience by safely driving in a controlled environment.

Until next time we meet, adios almosters.
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It was a great privilege to finally be able to drive with Almost4x4 it’s something I have wanted to do since I decided that living in the UAE meant I had to learn how to drive in the desert.

It was even more of a blessing to be there to celebrate @alshamsi on his birthday. The guy is a legend and embodies everything that I think Almost4x4 is all about.

The drive itself was a really enjoyable, easy intro into desert driving and we had a great lead driver in @Scorpio, he had a lot of patience and took us on a route very suitable for the mixed levels in the group.

The timing to view the sunset was also a nice surprise and the imoromtu display by some energetic Emirati drivers was quite a sight. Just hoping the guy in the LWB Safari, who had a bit of a mechanical issue got home safely :lol:
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