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Hello Almosters,

I believe that all of you agree with me that this drive might be the most unique one as we celebrated Al Shamsi’s birthday.

What I liked the most was the instructions and the theory part which allowed us to except what we’ll face during the drive (the practical part)

The whole team were welcoming and friendly.

The coffee was absolutely great idea 😬 next time I’ll make sure I grab my V60 or Chemex - you all invited 👍🏻

One last thing: I wish if we make small contests with gifts for early birds, first registration, active / helpful members who take care of the others during the drive .... etc. maybe 1-2 generic topics to discuss before the drive or maybe during the break.

Overall it was my pleasure to dive with Almost4X4.
Thanks to Hamza who Introduce me to the club.
Thanks to all Marshals and advanced team members who took care of our safety.

Can’t wait to drive next week.









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I heard about Almost4x4 some time ago from different friends. And i am very thankful for the amazing opportunity given. I did some off road on my own but never felt confident about what i was doing. This outing gave me more solid foundation about the basic topics and boost my adrenaline with some interesting drops :lol:

I was amazed by the organisation. Starting from Shamsi who was very welcoming, and the jeep with the huge UAE flag, sorry man i forgot your name but not the flag!

Barish explanation was superb! Loved the small cars too.

The karack tea, cake and everything was beyond amazing, thanks again :)

Maybe for next time is better to write the frequencies of the convoys in the whatsapp group?

Excellent over all. Looking forward the next one

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dayerman wrote: Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:07 pm
I was amazed by the organisation. Starting from Shamsi who was very welcoming, and the jeep with the huge UAE flag, sorry man i forgot your name but not the flag!
The Jeep with the huge UAE flag is @Bu Zayed . He says if he uses a taller pole, it will look like a government building thumbsup
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Another amazing day with the Almost4x4 family in one of my close to heart area "Mahafiz" where I started my offroad journey.

The weather was great with a combination of sun and clouds. I arrived around 1315 and I have seen already many new members where at the meeting point and it actually made me excited to have that many new members who are excited to start their offroad journey.

I deflated and then walked around to try and meet our new members and help them to setup their cars. I wished I had the chance to meet everyone but I managed to meet only some and I hope in the coming drives I will meet the rest.

The CM drive brief started with celebrating @alshamsi_m birthday and cutting the cake which I didn't had the chance to eat as I was on diet TT TT . @Barish then started his amazing CM brief in a very systematic and clear way which showed the new members what to expect when going offroad.

He then divided the members into 3 convoys. I was a support in @alshamsi_m convoy. The convoy was smooth and we came across some 2nd tries. All the members in the convoy did great. The area was full of cars since it’s the 1st weekend after the rain but we managed to keep the convoy safe at all times.

As we reached to fossil rocks, I had to sadly leave the convoy as I had another commitment.

It was really nice meeting the new members and I hope to see you all again in the coming drives.

Bu Zayed

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Hi Almosters!

We had a great afternoon with new members joining our family!

Weather was perfect, 3 convoys and tons of smiles at the end.

@Barish did a great explanation on the club and how to start offroading and everyone performed greatly at my convoy, that has our guardian angel @Rashidjass and our great rescue team ready for supporting the new drivers.

@alshamsi_m birthday was celebrated with cake, coffee and tea making this drive even more special!

Please have your tools check so you can enjoy the next weekend drive as a newbie!!
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Welcome to Almost4x4!

Hope you enjoyed and learned new things about offroading in the desert in this introductory event.

Looking forward to seeing you getting your tools checked and collect your first star to be able to join our upcoming newbie level trips which might be a beginning of an amazing new chapter in your life and become a part of Almost4x4 "Family" wink

Thanks to our organizer @Barish for the detailed presentation and our founders, marshalls, explorers, Adv, intermediate and crew for their great support for the organization of this event as always, we had a great afternoon with our new members and its always pleasure to see new, excited faces joining our family and share their first experience with them.

We had a very smooth introduction drive considering our long convoy. Our leader was @Scorpio , @Gabor was second lead, @Mo Sh was sweeping and @Abu Odai and @Saeed FJ were watching over the convoy thumbsup

Hope you all enjoyed it and we will be happy to read your point of view of this experience if you like to share with us here.

Best Regards
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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Almost4x4 have a nice day .

We had a great afternoon in the sand with many new faces. Our organizer @Barish had everything planned perfectly to welcome the new joiners. @alshamsi_m birthday celebration and then a detailed briefing on the off-roading basics followed by the drive provided an amazing opportunity to meet with our new friends and to learn a new skill thumbsup .

We had three convoys to conduct the drive and I was leading one of the convoy with @Daggerfall as the supervising marshall. We had a very nice drive and enjoyed some fast runs, straight crests, climbs & drops. We met with the other two convoys on the way as well. Climbing the fossil rock was fun and it was an amazing view on the top. Keeping in mind that the sun sets early now, we head back to the dirt road from the fossil rock top just before the sunset and then ended the drive at the fuel station. Great drive everyone and I hope you enjoyed the drive.

Congratulations to those who have earned their first star and have become a newbie already; get ready to join the ‘New Constellation’ drive so keep an eye on the registration time thumbsup .

If you have not earned your star yet but have completed the required tools, please contact one of the marshall for inspection and to get the star yuush .

I would like to thanks our advanced members @Abu Odai and @Saeed FJ and our intermediate members @Gabor and @Mo Sh for their great support.

It was great meeting you and hope to see you on the next weekend in the sand..

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Hello Everyone

I arrived too early with @Booy to meeting point thinking that we are the first, to find out that there is someone with white FJ ahead of all of us thumbsup .

The weather is getting better and better, I really regretted not spending the night before in the desert. =B . Nevertheless , I got a nice surprise from the CREW of surprise CAKE. Thanks everyone who joined yesterday and special thanks for the people who broke their diet to eat grin .

We had a great day out in the sand and we were lucky to get the big drops first. cool . Unfortunately, we got surprised with the SAFARI companies in this area which is not common at all, Also the amount of people on the Fossil Rock so I decided to take a faster route around the mountain without effecting the quality of the drive yaeh am not durnk .

We had a long chit chat at the petrol station which means people didn't want to go home because they LOVED IT in love. The say " Good time fly like fruit " . We are looking forward to chit chat with you more around the fire next weekend and congratulations in advance for the members who decided to go forward in this hobby and get their first STAR !!

Till next time, keep the sand flying arr.
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We always say in our reports and mention that the excitement of our new members..This time i had the privilege to see those eyes closer all at the same time looking at me. Really a different feeling and you can see the excitement directly.

We had a focused group of members during the briefing and the natural impatience at the same time to go on the sand.

I myself had different experience this time as a passenger and really things look different. I am happy that i have no damage in my other family after the drive thumbsup However, i have another problem now: my Jeep is hijacked TT TT

As we always say; Mistakes help us to learn, We learn and change, we change by improving and we improve by experience. It is a journey and invest time for that.

I would like to say once more happy birthday to @alshamsi_m and also thanks for the help which also helped me to introduce one more member from my family to my second family.

Thanks to @presa and @Scorpio for taking care of the other convoys and all support teams of Marshalls, Explorers, Advanced and Intermediate drivers to make it a great afternoon and a good beginning for our new members. All the best in your offroading journey with Almost4x4..!

See you on the sand at the earliest..!

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Trip Report for Friday the 15th. (Sundays are for Trip reports because work sucks)

It was amazing to reach this "secret meeting point" and to see all these enthusiastic 4x4 fanatics. The way the Almost 4x4 experienced crew all aligned their cars up on small hill facing down at all the new aspiring Club Members was exciting and created a stir. One or two Club Members over deflated their tires and we had a small giggle at the pumps being stirred up already.

Laura and I almost got stuck upon parking on the side of the road and chuckled at the thought of having to be pulled out, next to the road, before evening starting ha ha ha. We didnt get stuck luckily.

The Almost Crew were super friendly and it was really nice and nerve settling that the Almost crew walked around, met and greeted all the new faces. The next giggling point was around the Almost 4x4 flags and the amount of Club Members who then put the flag upside down...

The information was super informative and we learned a lot. Most importantly we felt safe and trusted the Marshals etc.

The actual trip start was a bit chaotic as we were not really sure as to which car we should follow or our number in line and maybe a little more time spent organizing the convoy is needed next time. None the less, we got going and it was superb.

Not sure why were nervous as a Wrangler never gets stuck ha ha ha.

In our convoy we had some really nice and friendly people and the helpers and Marshals etc were really good and kept us safe. At no point were we worried about our safety or about getting stuck. Even with the amount of crazy other convoys flying around.

The views were breathtaking and the few hours went by way to quickly.

Overall I would say a very successful day out. Thank you very much and look forward to seeing you all again.

Black Falcore ( Jeep Wrangler ) Out.
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