Eggs In Basket - Sudden Death 3.0

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I don't think if I will be able to put in words how much I have missed the sand and more importantly missed each and every one of you. You can always go off-roading by yourself or with friends and family but you simply can not enjoy as much as you would when you do it with Almost family.

I have been away for more than 3 months and was overly excited so left home way too early and reached the meeting point, having been in EIB before I knew where the action would happen so I deflated and went in to play. Naturally, I was a bit scaredd to play in such a technical area all by myself, especially since it had been months since I even switched to 4h in Outlaw but boy ohh boy did Outlaw miss the sand more than me. It took me about 5 or 6 dunes to get all the training and instincts kick back in but ones we got in the zone, me and Outlaw became one and we were just gliding through the dunes going side crest crazy. It was a side crest fest for us as we went for one after the other and more and more. after getting stuck a few times and doing some digging, self-recovery and about 2 hours of playing I came back out to the main road and went to the petrol pump to inflate, fuel up and stock up on water and snacks. When I returned to the meeting point I caught up with Rashid, Singh and Scorpio. We did not deflate and gunned straight for the game's starting point of the event to set up everything. Mohannad, Optimus, Gabor and Yousef were already there and once done with the set up we drove back to the meeting point, where by now pretty much everyone had arrived. A short briefing was given by Abu Jimmy and Shamsi after which we celebrated Booy's birthday and had some cake, then we drove back to the starting point where another detailed briefing was given by Shamsi and Abu jimmy and then shortly ones the audience was in place and the challengers and observers ready, the game began. As always it was a lot of fun and it never ceases to amaze me how we all share the love of sand and everyone enjoyed and had a great time, the challengers, the observers and even the audience.

After the game we all set up a camp and the chefs began their magic. Amazing food with the loveliest people with amazing weather. nothing beats that.

I will leave the rest of the details for others as everyone had an amazing experience with their own perspective and will share amazing stories here.

Like I said that I tried putting in words how much I missed the sand and more importantly how much I missed each and every one of you reading this, as I was driving closer to the meeting point the smile on my face grew bigger and bigger, not just because I was going to drive on sand but because I was going to meet all of you again.

Until next time guys.

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Hi Almosters!

This weekend was our Egg in Basket challenge.

We had a lot of fun seeing our newbies completing the challenge, or trying to, without a bumper in front of them to guide them!

Some had their first experience without any leader, while others were more comfortable doing it.

The area is challenging and a single wrong approach speed is enough to get you belly crested or in a ditch...

My greatest respect for all the challengers that did great and to the Crew, Mashals and Abu Jimi that made this possible.

After the event we went to sit and BBQ! Thank you for Giorgio and Taco for the BBQ, it was amazing!

I left the camping site at 11pm and couldn't think on a better way to spend my weekend!
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Another weekend with Almost 4x4 and what a wonderful one it was. An event I was keen on doing. After being a spectator last year, this year i was able to be one of the challengers.

On my way to the game I saw allot of the club members at the petrol station stocking up on drinks and snacks and also allot of club members on the road to the meeting point. At the meeting point everybody was starting to deflate and get ready for the days activities.

@Abu Jimmy got everyone together and explained how the days activity will happen. We then got some lovely cake and sang for @Booy for his birthday.

As soon as the spectators and everyone was in position the game was ready to start. But before we could even get into the playing area there were on stuck and a pop-out called in over the radio.

As these were quickly fixed and everybody was in position the game started. The challengers were released every 3 min into the game area (Minefield). The technical short dunes and some areas very soft sand was evidence of the real eggs in a basket game. Upon entering there was some really stuck cars and some people already hard at work shoveling and busy with self recovery.

It was a wonderful day spent with everyone. Unfortunately I could not stay for the BBQ as we had guests over from SA and had to get back to them. But next time i am not missing the Braai (BBQ) for nothing.

Thanks again to all the marshals, crew and other club members for making our drives so pleasant and enjoyable. Thanks for everything we get thought on every drive. It is much appreciated.
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Eggs in a Basket:

The anticipated event of the year came to an end and without failing for one more time brought to all of us unforgettable experiences and stories for the fire camp.

Around 15 contestants 7 observers a good amount of Audience (strategically positioned on the best spot to enjoy the action) and all the Explores and Marshalls as a support was the composition of the game.

I was stationed on point No 3 a relatively easy station compare to others and i had a good view of the audience area were most of the action and troubles took place.

Having nothing to do i was looking around to the drivers and their performance with all kind of different styles of driving, fast aggressive, slow and steady, disoriented, I dont know what i am doing but i am still rolling etc.

The sand claimed several victims with little over 50% completing the game.

Congratulations to the first three drivers and I wish them more success in the future.

For the drivers that they did not got any recognition or did not even finish the game i have to say only that winning the game is just a momentary success that means absolutely nothing. Many advance drivers, Explores and Marshalls were not winners but they have made it to higher levels even to the top while others which were winners never got to grow further.

So it is not a matter of winning this game and be the best. It is matter of who get to stay dedicated and work hard to learn improve and reach his/hers goal.

I would like to thank the organizer and crew which work hard to make the game possible for the rest of us to enjoy. Thank you also goes to the rescue team that brought every one out safe.

Note: The BBQ time after the drive was as always amazing, under clear sky and a cool breeze. The food was amazing and i would like to thank @Taco and @presa for their generosity and excellent cooking skills.

Until next time stay safe
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Hi Almosters,

We had great fun this Friday!

I was waiting at "Point Number 8" (Which does not exist XD ) with some fellow almosters and enjoying the entire show with my binocular :)

As @alshamsi_m mentioned, "this event will break some relations and build some new ones" . Some members who didn't trust or check their GPS (Which is the purpose of the game) fall into this trap grin and thought we are "a point" but we made sure we offered some coffee and snacks to our upset customers when they learned the truth..

After the event we had a nice gathering with great food. (Thanks to all who cared to share thumbsup ) and enjoyed the amazing weather with Almost family.

I believe this was a good opportunity to test your navigation skills and improve you as an offroader rather than a competition.

Thanks to all organized , supported and participated.

See you next time

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Hello Everyone,

It was a great experience watching our newbie members participating in this most anticipated and interesting event.

Driving solo is a different experience that requires application of all the learnt knowledge and skills. Being a challenger is this game offers a great learning platform. Being an observer allows you to learn by watching others while you being inside the playground. I would like to congratulate all the challengers who participated and created a history – believe me it is an experience for a life time thumbsup .

I was floating from starting point to finishing point and met with many challengers in the field; some who were on the move making their way to their given points and some who were stuck doing self-recoveries arr. . The area is really technical you're kidding, right and as mentioned in the earlier trip reports you cannot afford to lose your focus for even one second there.

Congratulations to the winners who managed to complete the game. It was an interesting day and a day full of excitement and learning.

Hope you have gained more confidence in yourself and have learnt more about you and your rides’ weaknesses and strengths.

Hope to see you in the sand soon..

Cheers 8-)
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Eggs I. The Basket
What an incredible event! I have never driven in the desert without following a bumper, nor had I ever navigated purely by trying to get my compass to face the direction of the destination. It was a huge learning curve for me! It's made me more confident to go out into the desert alone (close to the road of course) and now I really want to build my navigation skills. I didn't think I could drive while looking at a screen and my Dauntless Jeep won the day with its straight Cresting, side sweeping, crest dancing.... and going circles around the same spots and same people 🙈🙈🙈
While I was in the challenge I was a bag of nerves but when it was over, the real rush took over and I was filled with joy.
If I thought the fun was over then, I was happily mistaken because then we went to the BBQ spot and the true fun began. A cozy fire and food galore: Masterchefs @presa and @Taco were busy at work filling our bellies with delicious, succulent meat and chicken.
Thank you to all the Almosters Challengers, Time takers, Point holders and Audience for making this a lifetime memorable experience ❤️❤️
@alshamsi_m ❤️@Abu Jimmy ❤️
@Booy ❤️
@baris ❤️
@Daggerfall ❤️ for sitting with the Distractor group and saying Hi🤣

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Hello Everyone

Eggs in the basket(EIB) was an experience by itself. Unlike the other drives where you follow the convoy, EIB requires you to trust your instincts as well as your navigational skills. I was the 8th challenger to enter the arena and within the first then minutes i was crested. As soon as i was crested i could see @Scorpio and @SINGH drive towards me and the first thing they tell me is to start digging. After using the shovel to clear the sand for some time i see @Rashidjass @Booy and @alshamsi_m also drive towards me but luckily they just have a look and it was not that serious they advise me to continue digging until i see the light on the other end under the car. After around 20 minutes i see another challenger(sorry buddy but i forgot your name) get stuck 5 mtr away from me. He gets out of his car and starts digging the sand under his car. All of a sudden a sand storm appears out of no where and gives us a nice sand shower. The other challenger manages to self recover after some time and then he helps pull my car out. By that time i started rushing towards my first point and instead end up where @Daggerfall @presa and @Solmaz we sitting and spectating after i reach them happily they break the bad news to me along with some coffee. Quickly i have a look at my GPS and realize that my point is 10 mtr ahead of them and start heading towards it until i spot @giorgio on top of the smallest dune in the area and approach him when he gives me the good news that i have made it to the correct point. I quickly collect my stamp and head towards my second point. Along the way i find a nice gathering of marshalls along with intermediates and advanced drivers guiding another stuck newbie who was completely exhausted trying to shovel the sand under his car and then managed to help pull his car out which took three pulls to rescue but on the bright side i got to perform my first rescue with the club. After the rescue i continue to my second point and to my surprise i reach there effortlessly and spot @Youssef.Abdelhady over there along with @Solmaz and get shocked for a second thinking that i have reached the spectator area again but luckily i was at the right point. AFter that while driving to the third point i manged to drive past aother audience area thinking that it is the third point when the news was announced on the radio the the game was over nad all of us had to drive to the finish point. Congratulations to the challanger who finished the challenge along with the winners. After the announcement we were split up into two convoys one of which was headed back to city and the other was headed to the sitting area for the BBQ. I decided ot head back home as i was completely exhausted from digging and was completely covered in sand due to the sand storm.

I would like to thank the marshals and the crew for organizing the event and looking after the challengers during the event.
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The famous Eggs in the Basket.....

This was an item missing in my bucket list and it did not disappoint. The whole preparation and fame of the event makes you a little anxious and over-excited about it. The organizers did a superb job in gradually building the momentum until almost 345PM once the first challenger entered the area.

I was car number 3 and had to wait another 6 minutes to go. I realized my first point was slightly on the left side and I could go around the dune (as opposed to go up and say hello to Abu Jimmy). I did ask the authorization to the gentleman near the start point and upon his OK I tried to be "smarter" and took the left route trying to shave some time ....Then I got Abu Jimmy on the radio telling to go back and move up in the first dune. Instead of saving 30 seconds I probably lost 2 minutes going around and starting again going up in the first dune. :)

I did the first points on a smooth way and that gave me a lot of confidence while still respecting the terrain and challenge. Sometimes I had to stop and take the mobile on a horizontal position to properly validate the direction in my Gaia GPS app but it was all fun. At one point I had a small stuck and realized one tire was on the air. Quickly and, for the first time ever, I applied the crawl control function and in less than 30 seconds was free and moving again.

Finished the circuit faster and easier than I thought. It felt great I did not have to put the feet in the sand.

Want to thank Kriskian for the tip to run the tires two points lower than usual. Thanks Daggerfall who gave some last minute tip on how to use the crawl control which proved very useful.

Thanks Abu Jimmy for organizing the event and for "adding" 2 minutes to my time. It cost me the third place :)


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I do love reading the trip reports!

Guys keep writing it!!

This is the one from last year:
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