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Eid Al Fitr - 2019

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 8:33 pm
by Barish
It was an amazing Eid celebration day and it was great to see more than 20 drivers and even more with the guests and families in our Eid Al Fitr 2019 drive.

We shouldnt have left it to a complete relaxing drive after Ramadan and spreaded inside a couple of Eid surprises to make the day more challange added to the fun. It was good to see that all the convoy did amazingly well despite a couple of second tries and self recoveries and i would like to thank to all supporting from [mention]alshamsi_m[/mention] , [mention]Booy[/mention] , [mention]Solmaz[/mention], [mention]Agalon[/mention] for sweeping and [mention]Scorpio[/mention] as second lead and all intermediate drivers to make it happen with a one single convoy of 20+ cars.

We sucessfully reached [mention]Booy[/mention] 's windy but cooling sitting area. [mention]alshamsi_m[/mention] was fully prepared as usual for the Eid traditions for families and kids. It was a great evening with full of food, snacks, drinks and chat, funny moments with all laughs and smiles on peoples faces which felt us that it is Eid.

Thanks to [mention]Booy[/mention] for organizing the drive and giving me the opportunity to lead.

Another opportunity for me to say Eid Mubarak once more and wish all the best and fun to all members during our Summer drives.

See you on the sand and keep the improvement always as the reason of your change.


Re: Eid Al Fitr - 2019

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 9:23 pm
by aminemac
First let me start by wishing everyone Eid Mubarak.
It was a relaxed drive with a big convoy of more than 20 cars.
At the end of the drive we reached the sitting area.
I had 2 guests with me who enjoyed the atmosphere of the club and were amazed by how the drive is organized.
Thanks everyone who participated in the drive including marshals, explorers and intermediates.
Thanks [mention]alshamsi[/mention] for the Eid gift 🎁.

See soon on the sand!

Re: Eid Al Fitr - 2019

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 9:32 pm
by Booy
Hello everyone,

We started off on a very hot Thursday afternoon, but thankfully the weather was good once we reached our sitting area. The breeze/wind kept us cool while we looked at the beautiful mountains around us.

[mention]Barish[/mention] lead the long convoy on a very nice track through the dunes. He managed to read the level of the convoy well, and adjusted it down slightly when some of our newcomers struggled a bit in the "higher" dunes. Well done [mention]Barish[/mention]

It was good to meet some new faces, and I hope we will see you in the upcoming club member drive, such that you can get your first newbie star. (Keep your eye on the forum - there should be news on this drive towards the end of next week)

Thanks to everyone who shared food and drinks, and @Giorgio for cooking. I first thought you were setting your Jeep on fire, before I realized it's the BBQ smoke from behind Scarlet.

Summer is here, but we don't stop driving... So keep watching the trip schedule for upcoming drives.

See you in the sand.



Re: Eid Al Fitr - 2019

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 10:46 am
by Scorpio
Hello Everyone,

Eid holidays fun is incomplete without the Eid drive. My wife and kids were as excited as me on the drive day because this is one of the drive that they never want to miss (who would like to miss the Eidi of [mention]alshamsi_m[/mention] thumbsup ).

We had a nice gathering on the 3rd of Eid at the meeting point. It was a hot afternoon but during the drive I did not feel it and by the time we reached to the sitting area, the weather got pleasant and enjoyable. Thank you [mention]Barish[/mention] for the wonderful lead and the marshals for the guidance. Although, Barish tried to keep it easy but on few points it got ‘interesting’ you're kidding, right .

We had a nice time spent at the sitting area and enjoyed some good food and company.

I hope you all had a great time. Take care.

See you soon in the sand.

Cheers thumbsup