Over Night Trip

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Was the beginning of the journey when we met at 9.30 pm
And there was some delay because of the advent of a good number of friends
After the briefing form Al-Shamsi (Bu salem)
And give advice and guidance

Starting at 17 car with al-Khatib leading heading to the pink rock with some difficulties but I did not stop us from enjoying

When you reach the pink rock where we saw some friends from another group
After what we have chosen campsite and then start the fun with the beautiful weather
With shesha of Iyad Al Khatib and his friends
sunrise come and some of the hassle of Ali Thamer is come to weekup all

Started driving pleasure into the street towards the 53
Before the start of entry to 53 and let Danny and his friends coming from the alain
And then began the excitement and challenge Where driving was more like blowing dunes after that we retern to end point

We would like to thank Al Shamsi for his generosity for breakfast and I thank all marshals for their cooperation
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Hi Everybody
I would like to thank who attended the trip on Thursday night. Special Thanks for who singed their names :038: in the trip not just showed up :022:
1. Mohamed Al Khatib
2. Ziad Hassonah
3. Eyad Al Khatib
4. Mohamed Al Shamsi
There were 19 cars joined this trip , so it was quit big convoy for a night drive but with little justification to the route . We did just fine :045:
The weather was amazing with 27c. I slept like a baby ... enjoying the cool wind. The Group started the drive with the first sun light heading back to the main road. Al Ain People just left since they had other activities. 8 cars remain & head back from Al Badayer to Area 53. We finished at 8:30 as planned and everybody joined the grand breakfast . it was a frenzy  we ate like there is no tomorrow :011:
Well I would like to say Hello to the new people
1. Lee ( maroon Wrangler)
2. Nidhal (silver Wrangler)
3. Munther ( red Cherokee) … I think that was his name
4. Al Dheeb (green Wrangler) … I think this is his 2nd or 3rd time
5. Nuwan (white Pajero) first time to camp with the club
I hope everyone had good time like I did… to see more about trip please have a look at the :

Slide Show

Have Fun
M. Al Shamsi
Adventurous League of Mountains, Oceans and Sand Thrills
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