Al Qua'a Freestyler Advance Drive

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Al Qua'a The Eastern region area, full of mesmerizing dunes and breath taking views awaited to be explored after one year. in love
The drive was an Advance exam invite. Marshals @Shamsi @Rashidjass @Booy @Daggerfall @Agalon @Solmaz @presa @Scorpio and Advance @giorgio @Essa awaited to put the intermediates to the test. Track, levels, convoy order was all set. melt
Drive lead by the Most experience Marshal @Rashidjass , with Advance sweeping making intermediates sandwiched in the middle and the rest of the Marshals & Founder kept the eagle eye on the convoy.
@Rashidjass plan was simple and clear :serious_business: , drive to the max and leave no crest untouched. He pushed the convoy to face the challenges such as VERY long climbs, VERY high arches, and Series of multiple side crests. Besides few tire cuts that halted the convoy for a short while, the convoy was on a constant move, till we reached “The death Bowl” where the huge climb along with side crest was Tested. There were some, who made it with just few attempts whereas the others created multiple donuts to make it at the end. Last half hour of the drive was at fast pace, most of the time surfing on the crests. thumbsup
The drive ended minutes before the sunset. Just before everyone went their way, a farewell ritual of tire swapping was done. grin
*Couple of days later the announcement was aired. It was delightful moment, especially for me as I remembered how in March 2019 I entered the Almost family as a club member and in just 1year and 10months made it to the 3 star category. This was only possible with the immense effort, dedication and hard work that was put-in. From setting up alarms to taking a day off just to make it for most of the drives. The encouragement and continuous directions from Marshals and fellow peers was the major driver for this goal.
Truly Grateful to all Marshals, Advance’s, Intermediate’s and Crew for their support, encouragement and Guidance.😘
Blessed to be Part of Almost 4X4 family!!!

Till next time
Mahmood Yasin
Dark stallion
(Black Fj Cruiser)
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