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Members Upgrade procedure

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:45 am
by alshamsi_m
Dear Members
We have two simple ways to make sure that our members are driving in the right level

1. Member never been off-roading: The club takes care of him/her and step by step and make sure he/she has the right
- attitude
- skills
- comitment
- tools

2. Member been off-roading: Either he/she go by procedure # 1. or he can ask the marshals for challenge drive to prove his/her skills
But the member will be agreed to by the marshals if he/she has also the right
- attitude
- commitment
- tools.

I’ll give you an example : Caprihorse used to be an old driver with around 5 years’ experience before joining almost4x4. He joined a club and they asked him to start from ZERO so he left them. Then he joined our club were we took him for a test drive which lead to his upgrade to intermediate and now he is one of our marshals.


Members Upgrade procedure

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:08 pm
by alshamsi_m
Dear Members

The season of 2017/2018 was exceptional for receiving challenge requests so the marshals decided to make it easier for you to understand.

The Club Member drive alone is not sufficient or enough for the Marshals to assess your ability to cope with the challenge.

Therefore, our proposal is that you attend 3 more drives with the Club at newbie level so that a minimum of 3 Marshals can assess your skills. If you do well in the drives and show you are skilled and safe enough to take the challenge then you will be tested in the Marshals Challenge for upgrade to the next level.

In order to request a Marshal's Challenge please send a PM to any active marshal. If the marshals decided to give you the chance then they are going to invite you for a 10+ drive which is going to save you 3 to 4 months drives with the club. which believe me is something big !!!

I have seen someone rejected our offer and driving with other group where their ** is equal to our newbies with 10 + drivers.

We know that our procedure is not preferred by some people but these are the club rules, if you choose to accept them then you are part of our family otherwise you can find the crowd that suites you

Best Regards