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Dear Members

Almost4x4 Off-Road Club is focusing on many targets for the season of 2012/2013 to improve the quality of our Drivers & Drives, the club committee made an EVALUATING SYSTEM to grantee the best performance of our marshals/explorers.

In the evaluating system all the marshals/explorers are going to compete in a very easy and transparent way and whoever going to get the highest score is going to be awarded with a badge for a month as follows:

1. The highest score in the first month


2. The highest score in the second month


3. The highest score in the third month



1. The marshal/explorer can keep his/her ultimate badge if he/she still have the highest score in the future months
2. If another marshal/explorer is going to take the highest score he/she is going to start from silver, gold to ultimate and the ex-marshal/ex-explorer is going to back to square one.
3. The marshal/explorer is going to start all over again if he/she lost his first class to start again with silver, gold and ultimate.

Regardless whatever the badges above, I hope that public won’t think that we have Excellent or Bad Marshals/Explorers, it is just another way to appreciate our people’s performance and keep them motivated.
I wish you a great and safe time with our club

Best Regards
Club Management
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