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Dear members

This forum follows under the guidelines and rules of the Muslim culture and the UAE, we ask you to please read and familiarize yourselves with the following forum rules

Our language is English in the respect of our International community.

At all times please respect and be civil to other members. Constructive arguments are fine, but abuse will not tolerated.

Do not post adult content (nudity etc) - this forum is open to all, so must remain family-friendly.

We are a multicultural group of off-road enthusiasts so please do not post discussions which are racist or otherwise offensive (religion and politics).

Do not create more than one user account.

The language of the website is English, so please only post in your replies in the English language.

Don't swear. This includes acronyms, abbreviations and any profanity that is masked using ast*r*sks, etc.

If you see a post that violates any rule, or that is spam, please report it using the triangle icon displayed next to each post or send a private message to one of the moderators.

Do not post illegal content or instructions explaining how to perform illegal actions/break the law in the UAE.

Do not post and/or promote conflicting websites or organisations to ALMOST4X4

In case of paid event , refund will be done if cancellation is approved 48 hrs in advanced

Anyone who breaks any of the forum rules can expect to see the post in question deleted without warning

We hope you will appreciate that these rules are in place to keep the forums a friendly place for all to enjoy.

Have fun & see you all in the sand
The Management
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