Eggs in Basket - Sudden Death 4.0

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Hello Everyone

Let us have fun and play with our drivers. The idea of the game is that the drivers will be taken to a place where they will be asked to cross an area which is relatively small. There will be no need to make a convoy or anything similar. It is very simple game with simple rules. You have to cross few GPS points and arrive to the target and we will measure the time. At your drive no assistance will be given, so you may think about your self-recovery tools. The winner will get a classical bottle of "Halal" Champagne and huge ovations from the audience.

At some points, there will be positioned Observers to mark all the cars, who achieve to drive, to particular point. Challenger and Observer must shake hands with each other, where Challenger stretches his hand as first. We ask now potential Observers to register for this event.

There are not allowed any passengers in Challenger's car, neither, wife, kids nor girlfriend.
The role of Time Takers will be to send the drivers on the track (in 3 minutes intervals) and record the time for every Challenger at starting and finishing point.
There will be also audience built mainly from Newbies, who will watch you carefully, your driving style and eventual self-recovery. Fortunately for the Challengers, the audience,time takers and observers will not be allowed to enter the territory by their cars, not to endanger the progress, only by the foot at designated area.
Usual mandatory tools and recovery gear applies. At the Gathering Point, Marshals will check all the cars for compliance with the requirements. All those, who will not have the required equipment, may join us the next year similar event.

Challengers, Observers and Time Takers are recommended to join BBQ camp after then event to chill out and chit chat with audience.

Available slots :

Challengers ( 20 ) : - for 10+ newbies ( 8+ may register after Marshals approval )

Observers (10) :- for Newbies and above levels

Time takers ( 6 ) :- for Newbies and above levels

Audience :- open for all levels
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Dear Members

As always, after the completion of the game, we will move to the higher grounds to sit, chit chat and socialize. For the ones that want to join us on this social gathering, feel free to bring your drinks, snacks (tea, coffee etc.) and let’s all enjoy.
For the members that want to leave, there will be an escort to the hard track that will lead you to the tarmac.

Looking forward to see you all on the sand.

Adventurous League of Mountains, Oceans and Sand Thrills
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