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Hello Almosters,

I have been thinking of trying some off-road suitable GPS apps on my phone before it becomes absolutely necessary for me to own a proper standalone GPS device. The posts in the forum are quite old and scattered so I decided to gather various apps suggested by different members (both in the forum and the chat) under a single post for easy reference.

Ideal and perhaps/actually the correct thing to do is to get a standalone device but for people who are yet at the very early stages of their off-roading journey, I hope this list will be of some help. As pointed out by @presa, any app that has direct navigation / off-road option and the ability to download maps should be OK.

The below list is in no particular order and I have not tried/tested any of these apps so far.

Gaia GPS: Hiking, Hunting Maps (Android & iOS)
Suggested by @Barish (October 2019), @Johanna (October 2019), @ivantorrellas (October 2019) and @Ammaxterra (October 2019)

MyTrails (Android only)
Suggested by @presa (October 2019)

AlpineQuest Off-Road Explorer (Android only)
Suggested by @Phoenix (October 2019)

GPS Waypoints Navigator (Android only)
Suggested by @Fat Rabbit (October 2019)

ViewRanger: Trail Maps for Hiking, Biking, Skiing (Androis & iOS)
Suggested by @Loca (October 2019) and @yasir (February 2013)

LeadNav GPS (iOS only)
Suggested by @Fuad Khawam (October 2019)

OruxMaps GP (Android only)
Suggested by @Agalon (November 2013)

Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS (Android & iOS)
Suggested by @musa hammoudeh (November 2013)

AllTrails: Hiking, Running & Mountain Bike Trails (Android & iOS)
Suggested by @NaSeR (May 2012)

MotionX GPS (iOS only)
@Barish (October 2019), @Mahmoodyasin (October 2019), @zeemmee (April 2014), @slatch (December 2013), @nasirdub (March 2013), @Bu-Shahid (March 2013) and @NaSeR (May 2012)

Thanks to everyone who have contributed either in the forum or the chat.
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I’ll definitely try these as well but I’ve had some success with Komoot which I had initially used a lot for mountain biking and trecking.
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