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Route Transitions Tip

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 11:04 pm
by Youssef.Abdelhady
Hey Almosters,

I would like to share a small tip related specifically to “Route Transitions” settings.
I learnt this from a combination of [mention]alshamsi_m[/mention] GPS training, and testing during the solo drive.
Disclaimer: This applies to Montana 610/680 models, I don’t know if the same applies to other models/brands.

Now let’s get some terminology out of the way (for those who may not know)

Waypoints : Locations you record and store in the device.
Routes : A sequence of waypoints or locations that leads you to your final destination.
Route Transitions : Sets how the device routes from one waypoint on the route to the next.
Menu Path : Setup > Routing > Route Transitions

In RT there are three settings = Auto, Manual, Distance

- Manual is self-explanatory, you manually select when you want to route to next waypoint. (Not very useful in my opinion)
- In Distance setting, the device will route to the next point once you’ve reached very close to initial point. This is useful in events like Eggs in Basket or Treasure Hunt, but can cause issues when the waypoints are used as a loose guide and you don’t necessarily need to reach them (Like Solo Challenge)
- This is where Auto setting comes in, it will automatically detect that you’ve passed the initial point and will route you to the next. I used it for the first time in Solo drive and it worked like a charm. Example below to help clarify. (Pink is the route, Blue is my track)

As you can see from the image, I did not need to reach the exact waypoint for the device to route to the next.

In conclusion, make sure you select the correct RT setting based on your requirements.

Hope this helps.