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Good morning Everyone,

There have been a lot of questions rolling about on: "what navigation should i get"; "whats the best one". So here is a link to a comprehensive list of features that will help you make a logical and accurate purchase decision. ... rison.html

I am also attaching screenshots, just in case if the website disappears or is not functional.

As always, if anyone ever faces an issues, post in the comments below, and the more experienced members will surely help you out.


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Thanks Kals. This looks good.

Been Contemplating for the longest time on what GPS to go for.

Looking at the chart, Montana 610 and 680 are the only ones that exist. Others discontinued. There is a model ‘t’ for both that detonates Pre-loaded maps.
Difference between 610 and 680 is that the latter has a built in camera for geotagged photos.

Wondering if that is required or can the maps be downloded from somewhere too?

Also would be nice to hear from someone on details of the 276cx
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[mention]admin[/mention] - can you please move this thread to the GPS section??

[mention]Isfand[/mention] - i don't have any personal info on the 276x other than what you would find on google etc.

For the Montana i know a little more. This is the GPS range that pretty much all of us use and recommend to newcomers. Recommended place to buy is from AMIT.

The 610 and the 680 are identical other than the 680 has a camera (which i have but have never used!!) which probably makes the 610 the best option.

In terms of pre-loaded maps - as you know in Dubai the roads change on an almost daily basis so not sure how current the pre-loaded maps would be.

Free Open Street Maps can be downloaded from here... by following the instructions. I found these maps to be very up to date and very easy to apply to the device. They are fully routable and can be used for street navigation.

Also, Birdseye imagery is very worth the hassle! I think each unit comes with a free one year subscription to satellite imagery (but once on your device can be used for more than one year, you just need to buy new subscription if you ever want to update the imagery). Basically download an app to your computer called Basecamp and start downloading the areas you want satellite imagery of. Basecamp will come in very handy for planning drives, etc as well in the future. The downloading of the imagery is painfully slow if you select Max Detail, so the choice is yours how detailed you want the images!!

Hope this helps!!

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Oooh GPS
it sounds good but for price wise, what we have another alternative with a cheaper price.
for me, I'm using the Toyota navigation and it works fine but the only difficulty I faced it that I can't insert the GPX file to GPS I have to enter the point One By One
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There is also model Garmin Dakota 20, which is newer as Montana, see here

and Oregon 600 -
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