305/70R17 on Jeep JK - Pros/Cons

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Fellow almosters,

I am thinking about changing my 285's to 305's, but I need your input to measure the pros vs cons and whether it's worth the investment or not, keeping in my they're not easy to find.

My current Jeep/Set-Up is as follow:

- 2017 JKU Night Eagle (Sahara with Diff Lock)
- 3.73 gear ratio
- Dana 30 front axle
- 2.5" Teraflex liftkit
- Stock fender flares
- 17' Method beadlock wheels MR105
- Cooper at/3 P285/70R17

Basically, i like the looks of bigger tires, it will add more weight yes.. but would it badly affect the performance?

Thank you have a nice day
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You already have the best tyre size and weight for your current settings . Feedback from members who went that path and fixed the 305 cooper is ,

1. They are much heavier than the p 285 which will affect the power of the jeep ( you will feel it in big climbs )
2. Lyhey have worse grip than the p 285 due to more side plies which makes the sidewall stiffer and you will need to deflate to really low PSI to fit a decent grip which will increase the risk of popouts.
3. They are around double the price .
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