Ride upgrade - FJ Cruiser: Newbie questions

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Hi Almosters,
I’m looking to upgrade my ride to an FJ Cruiser which has proven on-road comfort and off-road performance and overall Toyota durability for this region. I’m looking for advice from the group on what to pick and choose. I’ve numbered my primary questions for ease, but feel free to add any information that you feel is relevant to this topic.

1. Initial thought was to go for the Xtreme edition which is kitted by Arctic Trucks (fox suspensions with 2’ lift mainly) – since it is eligible for Al-Futtaim warranty. But further research indicated negative opinions on the overall quality of the upgrade.

So, as of now the idea is to get a stock FJ GXR or VXR and upgrade based on my requirements.

I prefer to have a recent model (probably between 2015 – 2017) with low mileage but recently came across information that all models from 2013 have a Rev Limiter installed which in turn cuts the power to the engine @ 5K rpm. Further inputs from fellow almosters have suggested this is not the case in all cars OR that it could be adjusted by adapting the driving style accordingly and engine tuning. But the question remains,

2. does the rev limiter cut the power to the engine until the rpm comes down to agreeable levels OR does it limit the output @ 5K and holds steady at that level.

3. Suspension-wise I’ve heard a lot of people going with King and Fox. Which would be a better option – both quality and cost wise. I think king is cheaper than fox, but what is the tradeoff here?

I will update this as an when I proceed further. But appreciate your valuable thoughts on what I have so far.

Thank you,
Jithin AKA Dust'nGlory

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Go for an FJ and you won't regreat :)

1. If was new I would recommend the GSX. If is used, the difference might be small, so is up to what car is available and at what price.
I have an extreme and, beside the looks cool cool cool , the suspension isn't at a decent level, so you might want to upgrade from the fox to something else. Ohhh... the exhaust is also nicer at extreme. But doesnt make the ~20k difference that toyota asks for it.

2. The drop in rev when reaching the rev limit isn't as bad as it sounds. You may try on my car on next drive. And you can tune your engine to remove it, if you want to.

3. I will, when my pocket allows ORLY ORLY ORLY upgrade to BP-51 ARB. I say amazing results with it. King is a rough ride for daily uses cars, and FOX is nice, but the adjustables are overpriced (on my personal view).
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for me, I have 2015 FJ VXR, recently there is slightly different between VXR and GXR after 2015 which it's all in accessory and skid plate which you should replace it.

1. I have no problem for cut off the power, I'm driving the car since more than one year and I didn't face it, it keeps continuing the RPM stay on 5.5 or 6 k, especially when I'm climbing the huge dunes, and the car still under warranty.

2. I was running the stoke suspension till recently upgraded it to Old man EMU, without reservoir it's cheaper than BP-51 and i'm so happy with it, and all the driver who they have BP-51 they are so happy from his performance + ARB warranty policy is very good, no hidden things, no delay.

best of luck.
Abu Madi
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there is no perfect car for offroading .. name any car and you will find some pros and cons in it. Ideally, you would not need to reach over 5500 RPM except in very few scenarios.

if you already made up your mind with buying an FJ, my suggestion to you is to set a budget for this little project. let's say AED 80K , so you need to buy an FJ and get it modified with basic requirements for offroading in AED 80K. what are the basic modifications ? in my opinion as a start you need a skid plate, AT tires and an offroad suspension.

so it's all about your budget, there are hundreds of FJ out there in the market, take your time and dont buy any thing desperately.

wish you luck..
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