To LIFT or not to LIFT???

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eyadorabi;45150 wrote:Hello, how did the lift go. I am considering lifting before January. So far I only found Auto Dollar workshop offering ironman kit 40mm. I have a 2015 Pajero LWB 3.8 engine. It seams ARB and Kings might be an option. But I really need your help Guys.
If you really want a help, so follow the next options:

1/ Drive and learn your car without lifting
2/ When you learned enough, sell Pajero or make a gift to your wife
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Hi Strawb, how did things go with the Pajero project. Would love to get your feedback.
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3. Would the suspension lift be really that huge of an impact in performance? (only issue i have now is that my wheels scrape the wheel well if i go really hard but other than that its fine)
having a body lift on your Pajero can be advantageous especially you mentioned "my wheels scrape the wheel". by the way, what's the wheel and tire size on your ride? you may install a lift kit to provide ground clearance. it also eliminates rubbing if you're planning to put on bigger tires.
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