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Dear Members

This is a nice video shows the comparison among 4 types of air inflating as an Offroaderd.

In the club we recommend we what they call " Smitty Bilet " , locally you are going to find it

1. Camel : Dragon mart
2. Auto Steel : Doha trading

They have an interesting advice we give to our new members " Don't waste your money on buying a cheap compressor or one with less than 72 psi airflow ".


Credits goes to [mention]Barish[/mention] for sharing the video and [mention]JockJKU[/mention] for the full tools which shows the compressor too.

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The CO2 tank solution is an expensive solution that allthough it provides the advandage of quick inflation time it has its negative points as well. First: if you calculate the hasle and time needed to re-feel the tank it ends up to be more time consuming than actually having a twine ARB compressor. Second: there is no indication of how match CO2 you have left in your tank so you will need to remember how many times you have used it so you know when to expect that will get empty. It is a must that you have a back up solution for the days that it will die on you. Now when I used to drive my truck with the 305's I used to get from 10PSI to 30PSI 16 tires which means 4 trips. Now that I have bigger tires 37" i get 2 trips ( 8 tires). As a newbie having to drive twice a month it was managable but if you have two drives every friday as an intemmidiate then you loose any advandage that the CO2 has against convetional compressors. Now when it comes to pop outs there is no faster and better solution than the CO2 even with the tyre bleading air in the beginning of the inflation it is powerful to over come it with no issues.
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