Driving the Convoy in the Desert

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Convoy driving is interesting and lots of fun, where you can learn a lot, observing the behaviour of the car in front of you.

There are certain rules that must be followed when driving the convoy in the desert, in order to ensure safe driving for all participants. The leading car (marshal) is navigating the route and the others are following him as much as they can, in the order that was defined and understood by all drivers before the trip. Typically, if the convoy has more than 10 cars, after every 4-5 cars is placed more experienced driver/marshal. It is a good idea, that the first and the last car have the headlights switched on.

Before the start of the trip check the radio communication with others that you can hear them and they can hear also you. Be sure that everybody understands the language. Also be sure that you have spare batteries and your radio will not die at the wrong place and time. During the drive limit your conversation over the radio just to the necessary questions or commands. The most important thing is no swearing and vulgar words in any language whatsoever. To entertain others with the music from your great car 6 channel audio system over the radio is definitely not a good idea.

Keep distance from the car in front of you that you don’t drive into his trunk at the next opportunity. At some difficult spots, just wait until the car before you is over the spot and you are sure that you have enough momentum to drive through.

Always watch the car behind you, if you can see it.

If you cannot see it, stop immediately and report over the radio, that your buddy in the back is lost. The car in front of you should automatically stop as well. If there is no car in front of you, you might be also lost. Just wait and report your position to all by the radio, indicating what you can see close to you. Reporting big pile of sand probably will not help that much to identify your position and the others would laugh to dead to hear such a statement in the radio. Try to indentify more realistic object or climb the nearest highest point, if you are sure that you will not get stuck. The best way is to give your current GPS coordinates over the radio to others. They will find you for sure.

Never change your predefined position in the convoy and of course remember the type, colour or driver of the car behind you and in front of you.

Sometimes at the difficult spots, the car behind you may come in front of you, but at the next possible opportunity, return to your original position.

Never leave the convoy on your own to explore dunes around the track or to show up your driving skills to other members, mainly newbies. Changing the order of the cars in the convoy will cause just the chaos and somebody may get lost and left behind.

At the end of the convoy is always driving sweep team who is responsible for watching the other cars in front and report to the leader any unusual situation or give the command to hold the convoy, if somebody is in trouble.

Have Fun ! :051:

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Hello caprihorse

Well said buddy, you coverd some points that we didn't mention in
Trip discipline & compliance rules !!:045:

I hope all our drivers remember this for their own safty

Have Safe Drive
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Very good tips. In my experience with other motor clubs it is always adviced for members of the convoy to switch on dipped lights, this helps to more easily identifying members of the convoy (especially in areas where there are many other vehicles). I think this could be useful for us as well, especially when not all members of the convoy have flags.
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