Different Deflation Pressure on Tyres?

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We noticed that in many cases, the drivers are applying at deflation different pressure to front and rear tyres. The question is: WHY?

The most of rumours are telling that there is more weight on the front axle, because of engine weight. Yes, it might be right, in a flat area, see Pic. 1.

However, if your car is climbing or driving sideways, the forces, thanks to gravity are distributed differently. See Pics 2, 3 and 4. And we do it most of the time.

At Pic 3 or 4 the gravity is more applied down, to lower point, so any tyre with lower pressure is more vulnerable for pop-out; and it happened many times and then the drivers are wondering WHY?

Many are trying to change the rims, to apply different tyre brands and spreading rumours aka “These tyres and rims are the best”, not taking into the consideration physical principles.

Anyway, the all practice with tyre pressure is about car weight, driving style and experience, whatever suits you best.

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