Things to do post suspension changes or lifts / spacers

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Final Checks & Adjustments :056:

Post Installation Warnings: Once the vehicle is lowered to the ground, check all parts which have rubber or urethane components to insure proper torque.

Torque wheels to factory specs. Move vehicle backwards and forwards a short distance to allow suspension components to adjust. Turn the front wheels completely left then right and verify adequate tire, wheel, brake line, and ABS wire clearance. Test and inspect steering, brake and suspension components for tightness and proper operation. Inspect brakes hoses and ABS lines for adequate slack at full extension.

Failure to perform the post inspection checks may result in vehicle component damage and/or personal injury or death to driver
and/or passengers. Test drive vehicle and re-check the torque of all fasteners and re-torque wheels on vehicle. Readjust headlamps.

Vehicle Handling Warning: Vehicles with larger tires and wheels will handle differently than stock vehicles. Take time to familiarize yourself with the handling of your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment/Headlamp Adjustment: :056:

It is necessary to have a proper and professional wheel alignment performed by a certified alignment
technician. Align the vehicle to factory specifications. It is recommended that your vehicle alignment be
checked after any off-road driving. In addition to your vehicle alignment, for your safety and others, it is
necessary to check and adjust your vehicle headlamps for proper aim and alignment

Vehicle Re-Torque and Safety Inspection::056:

Upon completion of all services and adjustments performed on your vehicle, and within 100 Kms of driving, check to ensure all fasteners and hardware are properly torqued to specification as noted in the vehicles factory service manual or
the torque chart included.:056:
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