When a newbie went to desert without a Marshall/Leader.

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Glad no one was seriously hurt. Lucky the front did not dig in enough to flip it forward onto the roof. Sounds like an expensive lesson on learning what not to do if you can no longer see what's ahead of the bonnet. I was in Sweihan this morning and in places with the sun shining through the windscreen it was very difficult to make out how flat the contours were as we approached the top lips of some of the larger bowls. What looked smooth from on side turned out to have a wave motion on the car at speed causing it to jump around throwing the car off line. Not great when you are 50-60m up the side of a dune with a 30 degree bank.

Hats of to all the marshals who take lead on the drives making it a whole lot easier for the convoy behind! It guarantee's these accidents are kept to a minimum.
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