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Hi All, I'm Serge.

I would like to start exploring the UAE nature and start off roading with the expert in Almost4x4.

I m completely new without any knowledge in off road. I would like to start with buying a car but not too spend a lot at the beginning stage range between 15 to 20K.

I was looking for some cars but difficult to decide at this stage. You guidance and expertise will help me.

Top for Off Roading :
- Patrol and Land Cruiser --> Not in my budget
- FJ Cruiser --> Good one but will stick to my budget
- Jeep Wrangler --> Known for Off raoding but spare and maintenance might higher ?
- Nissan Xterra & Pathfinder --> Seems under my budget and do you recommend it for a beginner?

If any other recommendations will help me to decide :).

Thanks in advance for your support,
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Welcome Serge!

If you can find an xterra (old version) at this budget, I would recommend it over the pathfinder, due to being a newer car.

Aside from it, you will need to check for pre existent problems, since the car will be a few years old and you might want to set aside some cash for fixing a few problems that will appear on harder use at the desert.

You might wanna check on the Pajero for this budget and run away from the Jeeps, since maintenance for older ones is prohibitive...
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Hi Serge

In view of your budget, I would agree with @presa that Nissan Xterra or Pajero will be better option.

My tilt will be more towards Pajero, as you will get a well maintained Pajero as compare to Xterra.

Xterra although a capable vehicle, is a bit more expensive than Pajero. Ultimately you will come to point where you have to choose between older model xterra vs newer Pajero.

Nissan pathfinder may not be good choice as compare to Xterra, because of power to weight ratio.

Try to find a vehicle which has atleast basic mods like steel bumper, skid plate and set of offroad tires.

Happy hunting.
Umer Jameel Shah
Oldbie with a FJ
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