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Dear Members

Almost4x4 Off-Road Club is a group of off-roaders from different nationalities and ages, more than 7400 drivers, but with the same passion, off-roading, established in UAE. In the club are the drivers with different expertise, over 22 years of off-roading, with mechanical, communication and navigation skills or just beginners. We strongly focus on family values and welcome and encourage new members.

The club started in 2006 of friends, relatives or co-workers and introduced its branding in 2008 as Almost4x4 Off-road Club. 2011 the club got recognized by EMSF (Emirates Motor Sports Federation) as a professional off-road club. Many ask for the reason, why did we choose this name ?

ALMOST4x4 = Adventurous League of Mountains, Oceans and Sand Thrills

as chosen from various reasons, as mentioning just few of them:

- Catchy and easy to remember
- Encouraging the new drivers and non off-roaders
- No matter how much experience you have, you still learn on every trip

Our logo consisting of 3 elements

- The Upside Down Triangle: Used by traffic, to catch the attention
- The Scorpion: Used as a desert or off-road symbol
- The Orange Color: The Sun and Sand color

Our Values :

We are a group of UAE residents, so our values are according to UAE culture and laws.

Our Goals

- Encourage off-roading in a professional style
- Encourage environment protection
- Encourage youth for positive and constructive behavior

As the off-road club, we encourage and promote the safe use of the off-road vehicle in a different terrain. Almost4x4 Off-Road Club offers trips from junior/newbie, intermediate to advanced and offers driver's training for those getting started.

The advantages of free Almost4x4 Off-Road Club membership are many. They include meeting with new people with the same interests and making new friends. One of the biggest advantages of membership is that you can learn important skills in the company of experienced four wheel drivers. We welcome all types of 4x4 vehicles. You will be assured of great fun and a wide mix of other off-road vehicles in our club. From purpose built competition cars, to family 4x4, we got them all.

We hold regular off-road social events, day trips, night drive trips, newbie trips, as well as weekend camping trips. Every trip is rated so that you will know what to expect in the desert or wadi of Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi or Liwa. The trips are led by experienced trip leaders (Marshals), who can advise you on safe driving techniques and give a hand in the event of assistance need. You will learn the proper recovery methods in the event of a misfortune.

We would like to invite you to register and join our club, to stay connected with our growing online community and to check out amazing club activities during our events.

Have fun and see you all in the sand
The Management

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